Manufacturing Director

Riga, Latvia

About this job

  • Address: "Avoti", Nīca, Nīcas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3473
  • Salary: € 3000,00 - €3500,00 net
  • Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00 workindays

Job Description

Manufacturing Director for the canned fish manufacturing plant in Nica, Nīcas pagasts, Liepājas novads

Tasks & Duties:

Organization of an efficient production process in the Canned-fish manufacturing plant

- production of canned fish products,

- organization of efficient operation of equipment,

- delivery of raw materials to the plant,

- storage of raw materials in the warehouses of the plant

- processing of raw materials into finished products of the required quality,

- storage and shipment of finished products to the client,

Development and implementation of uniform management standards in the factory;

Technical management of production in compliance with the established norms and rules,

Engineering support of work, implementation of a unified technical policy;

Development, approval, and implementation of the accounting policy of the enterprise, interaction with the management company;

Management of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise;

Improvement of enterprise management, effective identification, and use of available resources to reduce the cost of production and profit;

Control over the rational use of financial and material resources;

Control over the timely receipt of funds for the products sold;

Ensuring that the enterprise fulfills all obligations to suppliers, customers, etc.


  • More than 5 years of experience in a similar position in food manufacturing is a prerequisite for considering candidates!
  • Basics of management of the industrial segment, knowledge of the manufacturing processes;
  • Knowledge of production technology;
  • Excellent knowledge of PC;
  • Possession of the basics of strategic people management and business planning;
  • Excellent organizational and management skills, budgeting skills;
  • An analytical mindset, the ability to identify and identify problems, prioritize their solution.
  • Excellent leadership qualities and communication skills, result orientation, energy, efficiency.
  • Ready to move to Liepaja

Company offers:

Place of work - Liepaja, nonresident candidate is provided with housing;
Comfortable living conditions, service transport, service communication are provided to the nonresident candidates;
Stable work, interesting professional tasks, great career prospects;
The level of payment is high, it is discussed individually with a successful candidate for an interview.