Sushi Chef

Limassol, Cyprus

About this job

  • Salary net: EUR 1700 - 2000
  • Working time: 9:00 - 19:00 (workingdays)
  • Address: Inachou 3, Limassol 3086, Cyprus

Job Description

Sushi Chef is responsible for the day-to-day smooth operation of the sushi bar and ensures that all quality, cost, and safety standards are adhered to and in compliance.

Sushi Chef at Limassol Sushi Bar:

Permanent work/ for citizens EU only

Expertly cutting, slicing, and filleting different types of fish. 
Inspecting the quality of fruits, vegetables, and fish used to prepare sushi dishes and promptly communicating with providers when quality is sub-standard. 
Preparing various types of sushi dishes according to established guidelines on quality, portion size, presentation, and food safety. 
Maintaining a clean work environment in order to prevent food contamination. 
Regularly taking inventory of food supplies and other products. 
Reporting any problems with kitchen equipment to the manager on duty. 
Sterilizing all utensils, instruments, and equipment used in sushi preparation before every use. 
Communicating with wait staff to ensure that special requests and food allergy considerations are met. 

Sushi Chef Requirements:

Professional school diploma
Proven experience working in upscale sushi restaurants. 
Sound knowledge of food safety regulations. 
The ability to work under pressure. 
The ability to stand for long periods of time. 
Excellent time-management skills. 
Exceptional customer service skills.