Sales Logistics Manager

Mārupe, Latvia

Job Description

The Logistics Manager will support the organization through development management and leadership of the sales team in the EU & Asia.

  • We provide express delivery of goods on vans up to 3.5 tons total weight, with a payload of 10 pallets and 1000kg,

  • which allows us to deliver your cargo from any point in Europe in a short period.

  • We also offer the option to book a separate cargo van with GPS tracking.

Freight Forwarder Key skills:

Freight Forwarder works out the logistics and makes sure all bases are covered in the process of transporting goods from A to B.

Typical responsibilities include:

•    considering and planning the most effective route for freight
•    organising the transportation of freight between intermediate destinations – usually cargo terminals, port facilities or railway yards
•    tracking the movement of freight using software and satellite technology
•    reporting back to clients, keeping them up-to-date with the progress of goods
•    deciding on the best way to package stock, taking into account factors such as weather, terrain and type of goods
•    taking appropriate measures for the movement of delicate goods
•    checking countries’ legal requirements to make sure all the appropriate documentation (eg insurance and customs forms) is filled out
•    staying up-to-date with relevant political activities and legislation that might impact the transportation of freight
•    organising payments or processing transactions on behalf of the client, such as freight charges.

Key skills:
•    strong organisational skills.
•    attention to detail.
•    the ability to communicate effectively and clearly.
•    teamwork and an aptitude for coordinating your work with others.
•    knowledge and understanding of geography and cultural differences.
•    the ability to detect and solve problems.
•    Russian & English conversation levels must have.

We will negotiate individually about salary & compensation as well.

About Company

The company was founded in 2006 and is ready to offer you a wide range of road transport and forwarding services. Competitiveness and the quality are guaranteed by our network of partners in Europe, flexible price policy and loyal attitude to you - our customers, guaranteeing you all kinds of cargo delivery to the recipient's door. It is important for us, that the customer or partner, get the lowest cargo delivery price and the highest service for a compound or a full cargo delivery to / from Europe, Scandinavia or the CIS countries.